Let’s Travel The World

At the peak of Gunung Machinchang in Langkawi Malaysia
Work, Travel, Save, Repeat
When I was young I always wonder how things are in other places other than in the four corners of my room. I thought it would be nice to explore unknown places. I remember that I grew up thinking that the only dream is an American dream and oh boy I am wrong!’ I started having interest in literature. As I learn about the different types of literature, I started learning the origins of what language people speak, where one famous poem is from, that’s honestly how it started. I asked myself that time, “Is there a profession that will pay me to travel the world?”, and I have knocked my head woke up from my illusions. I thought of studying International Studies because it sounds like I will be able to travel the world while studying but at that time, the odds are not in my favour. I ended up studying Computer Network Engineering thus I was stuck in my home country Philippines. For years, I have been working in the IT field as Technical Support Specialist and it allowed me to travel the world through having a conversation from different people from all parts of the Globe. It gave me chills and excitement every time I get a chance to speak about things outside of what they called us for, IT stuff. The more excitement it brings me when I get a chance to speak to my colleagues from other countries, I learn so much from them. Their culture, their places, what food they eat and all sort of things. Until now, I am working as a Happiness Engineer, it still gives me so much joy talking and having friends from different parts of the globe. Another way for me to travel the world is by reading books, watching movies and listening to music. These things really help me explore so many things but nothing will be greater than being in the place itself and experiencing how it is like to be in that place. Lots of Love, Ann ❀