Top 10 Women YouTubers That Inspire Me

The moment I told myself that I’m going to be an entrepreneur, I immediately started looking for inspiration or resources for all the information I would be needing. One of the best sources of inspirations and ideas came from Youtube.  Not only that I got inspiration for my business but as well as life in general. From lifestyle changes and hacks, personality development, health and beauty, and entrepreneurship. These women have let us into their lives and businesses to show us the reality of being an entrepreneur. They have shared how they started and got to where they are right now. They became part of my main source of inspiration. It’s like having a virtual teacher. Like me, they are sharing the skills and knowledge they acquired based on their experiences.

These ladies have helped empower many women with their videos. I have linked their Youtube Channels for you to check out.

1.  Jodie Fox

She’s the very first Youtube channel I followed. She’s generous enough to share how she started as an entrepreneur. She transitioned from being a lawyer to an entrepreneur. Together with her 2 friends, they founded Shoes of Prey. It is an online site where ladies can design their own shoes. Shoes of Prey is an Australian business but it expanded to other countries worldwide. Her channel gives insight into the process of setting up business and as well as the mistakes they have made along the way. She also shares the tools and hacks that they are using for their business. She does not only discuss purely business topics but she also shares a few her styles, makeup routines, favorite items of clothing and a lot more. She’s a real beauty and brain.


2. Karin Bohn

This lady-boss is a high-end interior designer based in Vancouver Canada. She is the owner and creative director of House of Bohn, her Interior Designs firm. Her team is all women and what I like about her team is they can work well even with architects and engineers and electricians of opposite sex. They are more of girlfriends than co-workers. Karin inspires me a lot as a budding entrepreneur. Before she became a successful interior designer, she failed on her previous business and that didn’t stop her from moving forward and in fact, she is thankful that she failed because of that she started House of Bohn. Karin shares her journey towards her success, not only that, she also shares other stuff like her styles, her travels and as well as sneak peeks into her daily office life. One thing about Karin is that she not only shows the unicorns and butterflies of entrepreneur life but as well as the reality of it. The stress, the pains, and the hardships are all part of our success, and this is the reality of entrepreneurship.


3. Erin May Henry

All the way from Australia, Erin is the go-to-girl in YouTube if you need help in areas like self-development, how to face challenges in life, being an entrepreneur and real bad-ass girl boss. She publishes videos in YouTube twice a week, one is the usual videos where she talks about women encouragement and the other one is while she is making her favorite cocktail drinks and discussing self-development and a lot more other meaningful things.


4. Rachel Lee

Every time I feel like I’m a total mess in life I go to Rachel’s YouTube channel and watch her videos. She is a very organized woman and I like the fact that she is generous enough to share her strategies for getting back on track. From cleaning her house, tidying up her stuff, saving money hacks, dealing with her skin condition, partying and skincare routine, this girl is an all-around go-to-girl. I wish I can have her will-power in being tidy and organize in everything 🙂  She also got good hands on creating crafts as well. She has another YouTube channel that is dedicated to doing DIY stuff.


5. Kia Lindroos

When it comes to the start-up business, this girl is the person to follow. She is the raw example of start-up life. I started following her on Youtube when I noticed that what she is sharing is the reality of a start-up life. She shares her journey in her business, Kia Charlotta. Her business is Vegan Cosmetics and her launching product is a vegan nail polish. She is amazing. She doesn’t mind sharing what she currently has even though she is just starting. She started her business at her home in Germany and eventually moves out to their own office to cater to more business demands. Her YouTube channel is like a reality tv show of a start-up life.


6. Sadia Badie (Pick Up Limes)

Sadia is a Canadian based in The Netherlands. She is a registered dietician and owns Pick Up Limes. She posts videos on YouTube that talk a lot about health and well-being. Her videos are very precisely done. This lady is a true beauty and brains. Her recipes are so yummy and very healthy. I tried some of her recipes and you guys have to try her Green Smoothie. It’s the best green smoothie I ever had. I watch her videos most times especially when I know that I’m slacking on taking care of my health.


7. Amy Landino

Need a boost of confidence? The energy of Amy in all her videos will definitely make you feel hyped, inspired and energized. Her videos are delivered with a lot of confidence, sometimes with humour but definitely helpful and inspiring. Her videos are going to push you to get your life back on track. She is honest and a straight to the point influencer. I really enjoy watching her videos and wishing that I can be confident like her.


8. Nastazsa

Nastazsa’s videos are my go-to-videos when I feel like I need to organize my room, my desk or if I feel like I want to redecorate our house. Her tips, tricks, and DIYs are amazing and classy. She is into organization and interior designing. Remember that a decluttered space is a decluttered mind.


9. Carly The Prepster

Carly’s videos have no specific niche so I can say that it is more of a lifestyle channel. She is a free-spirited woman who is just having fun doing videos and sharing it with us. She can talk about anything from skin care routines to decorating a cake, makeup, and meditation. She’s a classy, sophisticated and a bubbly beatiful woman.


10. Becca Bristow

Becca Bristow is a Registered Dietician and her channel is another health and wellness channel I follow. She focuses on being healthy by combining a healthy diet and right exercise routines. Her grocery haul videos are my ultimate favorites. She taught me how to do meal planning and preparation. She shares ideas on grocery shopping and healthy recipes. If you need some quick and healthy recipes, stop by at her channel.


These ladies are just top 10 Woman YouTubers on my list and there are a lot more inspiring women out there that I haven’t come across yet. Technology has made it easy for us women to have an online community readily available 24×7. In times you get stressed out, lost, uninspired and messed up, maybe one of these women can help you get back on track by inspiring you and telling you that if they have done it…and so to you.

Lots of Love,