Welcoming 2018, Welcoming Entrepreneurship

Happy New Year 2018!
Everyone, from all walks of life, from all parts of the world are looking forward to the new year. Why? Well for most of the people it’s a reset button and for some, it’s a new button, as for me..it is both.
Like most women, I also have my fair share of the usual New Year Resolutions such as loosing weight, having a better skin, being in a healthy lifestyle, saving money, being consistent in doing what I already have started doing in 2017 and just being a better person. I think these are the regular resolutions we mostly write on our list every New Year so I think every New Year we reset the “better-person” reset button and start over again. The same thing we have been doing for the past years, only thing is, we tend to stop in the middle or the first quarter of the year, some even stop after a week or month after the New Year..I’m one of them.
One of the weird things I do even before every year ends is buy new notebooks, planners, calendars and pens, this far-from-frugality habit of mine, really annoys my husband..well it’s the obsession with stationeries that really drives him nuts. Why do I with these? For me, New Year is like a new page of the book, it’s blank and you can freely write your story how you want it to be. Have been doing these for several years and you gals and guys already know what happened, most of my notebooks and planners only have the first 2-3 pages not blank, the rest is still unwritten. Some, I even recycled for how many times but until now, still empty. For 2018, yeah I got a new planner, but that’s it I didn’t buy new notebooks nor stationeries as I decided to recycle my old items. In my old notebooks, I wrote my goals for the year, like the usual, losing weight, skin routines, healthy habits, etc, etc. One of the journals I keep is for my faith, where I track my daily readings and reflections. Same things I did in the past. However, there is something new this time, my planner. My planner is now filled with not only my daily tasks and reflections but now it includes my journey to entrepreneurship, my “new” button.
My planner is now filled with schedules of trips going overseas to meet the suppliers, visiting the factories, launching of collections and other things that involve our new journey.
This New Year what I’m most excited about is embarking the journey of entrepreneurship. I actually started feeling this excitement since mid of last year. I don’t know what’s in store for me and my husband on this new road we’re gonna take. We heard a lot of horror stories from people who started their own businesses and quit their full-time day jobs. If we get scared even a bit I know it’s gonna put all the confidence we have saved for this business in a drain. However, if their stories ended up as a failure or a huge success, it’s up to us whether we take these as an inspiration or discouragement. We will never ever know until we try it ourselves.
I created this blog to share our journey towards entrepreneurship. How we are transitioning from being corporate employees to being our own bosses in our own company. I love to share the journey with you all, we haven’t had put the business from the ground up yet but we already have started the process of establishing the business. When I first thought of being an entrepreneur, I was searching the web for resources that can help me plan and start but it’s very limited especially to the type of business we are building. There are bits and pieces of information out there but it is all over the place.
I will be posting every part of our journey in setting up our business and launching it. From challenges to victories, every milestone of it. I know how it feels to be stuck in a rut in your day jobs, I’m still feeling it now but we have to take a leap of faith and determination, passion and hard-work to change our lives. We have to stop living to work hard instead, we need to work smart, not hard in order to live.
Lots of love,