The Day I Was Diagnosed With PCOS

Warning: This article may contain TMI (Too Much Information).


It was around 2007 when I was first diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). When the doctor told me about it, I didn’t even flinch or cringe. I was curious of course, but as how the OB-Gyne has explained to me, I have nothing to worry about so I just happily left the clinic. One thing though that she has assured me, it’ll be fixed once I get married. “What is PCOS?” I asked, and my doctor said that it’s basically one of the most common endocrine disorders in females. That time, I only have 1 big question mark on my face but that blur moment didn’t last long as I just totally forgot about it the moment we stepped out of the clinic. What is PCOS? I will talk more about it in my next post.
Going back to the time that Aunt Flo (Menstruation) first visited me, I was 11 years old. Nothing unusual, like any other girls going through puberty I will have zits coming out of my face regularly. Being a chubby kid, I didn’t worry about being big either. At an early age, my period is irregular, it comes and goes, and at times it comes every 2 months, 3 months, 6 months. My mom said she also had the same problem so she said it’s normal. I went on with my puberty period until adulthood with two main things that are making my life unbearable, non-stop acne and weight gain. I didn’t worry about the irregularity of my period, in fact, I am happy at first because I didn’t have to worry about blood coming out and leaving a stain and constantly changing pads. It’s a love and hate relationship. I loved it that I am not getting any period because I feel clean and comfy most times but I hated it at the same time because every month that Aunt Flo won’t visit me, I get a battalion of zits on my face.
It was after I graduated High School that I got depressed trying to take care of my zits. We went to dermatologist clinics and sought help from multiple dermatologists, tried a lot of topical and non-topical medicines to control my acne but nothing worked for me. I’m so depressed that I don’t even want to leave the house. My weight though has been controlled which is good but I was hoping that both acne and weight will be controlled at the same time. It went on like that for years. I didn’t know that I have PCOS, not a single clue, until the day I was diagnosed.
Back to 2007, after I was diagnosed, two things my doctor highlighted to me, I have to lose weight and need to have my period back on track. For weight loss, my mom started dieting me and cooking only the healthy food, veggies, brown rice and fish, fruits and a lot of water.
To put my period back on track, my doctor prescribed a packet of birth control pill. These two things did work after 2 months of starting my new diet and my birth control pill. My weight was controlled and Aunt Flo visited me regularly. My face was cleared out and never been so smooth.
It was a relief, pure happiness…at least for how many years then my nightmare came back. This time I really took things seriously and was on the hunt for the best solution.
As of the moment I already have found what did work for me; acne solution, routines, diet, and workout. I will be highlighting the things that worked for me to manage my PCOS in my upcoming posts. Things that worked for me may not work for other ladies who are also struggling with managing their PCOS because it depends on how our bodies react to the medicines, skin care products and other solutions. One thing is for sure, it will take time, well, at least in own experience, and it did take years of searching and testing what solution will work best for me. It may be a grueling quest but the moment you found what works for you best, it will be worth all the efforts and hard work. So ladies, don’t give up. Things to resolve our PCOS issues are out there waiting for us to find them. Best way to start is by reading posts and joining forums from other ladies who already won the battle with PCOS, a community of women whose main goal is to help ladies out there who are struggling with PCOS.
One of the main purposes of my website is not only to encourage ladies to be entrepreneurs but as well as to educate and help ladies suffering from PCOS as I know how it is like to be having one.
Don’t let your struggles rule your life, rule them instead.
Lots of Love,